People are vital to the tourism industry around the world, and Lincolnshire is no exception.

Did you know?

Each year, around 20 million people visit Lincolnshire. The county’s tourism sector is valued at £2.49bn and supports at least 30,000 full time equivalent jobs.

There are more than 2,600 businesses in the visitor economy, accounting for 6.7% of Greater Lincolnshire’s business base (compared to 5.8% of the East Midlands business base and 6.0% of the UK’s). Tourism is growing year on year and is one of the most important growth sectors for the region.

This section of the Green Tourism Toolkit will provide you with insight into how your business can better engage and benefit the people you connect with, and how this benefits your business in turn.

Bitesize Masterclasses

Quick overview

In this second of four videos on Green Tourism Léa discusses one of the key pillars of Tourism - People. Discover how you can make sure the interactions your business has with staff, suppliers and customers helps to promote or improve sustainability is some way.




Read the ‘People’ section of the Green Tourism Toolkit

  • Pay your staff a real living wage
  • Offer your staff permanent contracts
  • Offer your staff a selection of wellbeing initiatives
  • Ensure your staff have opportunities to develop
  • Enable your staff to communicate with management/owners and provide regular feedback
  • Engage your staff in sustainability initiatives
  • Hold a green meeting or ask staff to complete a green survey
  • Create a responsible purchasing policy
  • Estimate what % of goods are bought from your local area and set a target you would like to achieve
  • Look for local suppliers, i.e. within a specified radius (e.g. 30 miles) of your business
  • Ask suppliers for green credentials – understand how they operate and work with them to help both of you become more sustainable
  • Purchase products with green labels or certificates
  • Share good news stories about suppliers!
  • Build a social media presence – refer to the Digital Marketing Masterclass
  • Get feedback on your green initiatives from customers
  • Offer customers ways of getting involved in supporting sustainability and charities locally
  • Provide educational messaging for customers
  • Be transparent


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