Lincolnshire has a rich cultural history and a diverse natural environment. From roman ruins and Tudor palaces, to almost one hundred nature reserves and a coastline which has Site of Special Scientific interest (SSSI) status, the county offers something for everyone.

For tourism businesses, it is this varied and inspiring local landscape which attracts customers. As such, it is vital that your business plays a role in positively contributing to the preservation and promotion of local places.

This section of the Green Tourism Toolkit will support your business to better understand how you can have a positive and lasting impact on your area.

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Quick overview

In this fourth and final chapter on understanding and implementing sustainability Léa takes a closer look at the topic of ‘Place’. Businesses rely on their location and the natural and cultural aspects of that location. Explore the appeal of Lincolnshire’s varied and distinctive local landscape and why this is so attractive to guests.

Sense of Place

Biodiversity & Green Spaces

Cultural Heritage

Local Communities

✓ Read the ‘Place’ section of the Green Tourism Toolkit

  • Celebrate sense of place in promotional materials and in your building
  • Incorporate local traditions and features through imagery and design
  • Promote other businesses who celebrate a sense of place
  • Engage with cultural heritage networks
  • Promote and donate to cultural heritage sites
  • Involve customers and staff in supporting cultural heritage sites
  • Incorporate more natural colour (plants) in your outdoor space
  • Start projects that support wildlife and use native plant species
  • Engage with and support biodiversity charities and networks
  • Encourage customers and staff to tread carefully
  • Employ staff from the local area
  • Promote other local businesses to customers
  • Offer discounts to local business, individuals, and/or charities
  • Encourage customers and staffs to attend local events
  • Donate and give time to local community charities

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Natural Beauty (AONB)

The National Trust

Heritage Lincolnshire

Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire

Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)


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Managing Sustainability

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Carbon Calculator Tool

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