It's not always easy to know where to go for crucial information about funding or to find out what commercial opportunities there may be for businesses, what support there might be for businesses that are looking to invest in Greater Lincolnshire or those that are looking for premises or to hire land.

This section contains links and guidance for each of the local authorities so that you can quickly and easily get the support that you need.


Funding and grants are sometimes allocated for tourism and hospitality businesses. Unfortunately they are not available all the time and can get taken very quickly.


In simple terms diversification is where a business develops a completely different product or expands into a new market. There are different types of diversification and benefits and considerations for each.

Investment Opportunities

More of us looking to holiday at home, coupled with a new found trend towards rural pursuits, sustainability and experiences. Find out more about Investment Opportunities in the county.

Planning Permission

The key to unlocking so many business dreams but can be a headache for many when they don’t involve their local planning departments early enough in the process.

Leasing & Property

Lincolnshire County Council working in partnership with Business Lincolnshire are able to provide knowledge and experience to help make this process as simple as possible – saving you time, money and hopefully stress.