The Inns on the Edge Project

The Inns on the Edge project focussed on historic pubs along the Lincolnshire coast. The Team aimed to improve collective knowledge and understanding of these pubs. The project came about in response to the growing number of pub closures across the UK. It was a year-long pilot project funded by Historic England. The project has now completed.

The unique project looked at over 300 pubs between November 2021 and July 2022. The Team surveyed their status and condition and created a digital record for each one. These records will be added to the Lincolnshire Historic Environment Record.
This project has greatly increased the number of pubs available in the record. These records will better inform the planning process in future.

It was found that most historic pubs have been demolished or converted to a different use. This includes uses such as converting to a shop or private residence. Only one third of surveyed pubs were still trading today.

The project had two further strands. Through Land on the Edge, the Team explored the history of the coast's landscape from the Mesolithic period to the modern era. Through Hospitality on the Edge, the project looked at the economic viability of pub businesses. This helped better understand the challenges and opportunities they face.

The Inns on the Edge team would like to thank everyone who made this project possible. In particular, Historic England for funding the project. They would also like to thank the people who followed and took part in the project online.



Inns On The Edge: Historic Public Houses Along The Lincolnshire Coast

This report presents the aims, principles, methods, and results of a pilot
project to improve our understanding of historic public houses along the
Lincolnshire coast.


Land On the Edge - Headline Stories

The coastline of Lincolnshire has changed dramatically and repeatedly, and one of the key aims of the Land On the Edge project has been to understand this dynamic evolution.


Land On The Edge - The Landscape Evolution Of The Lincolnshire Coastline

The Land on the Edge project forms a companion piece to the Lincolnshire County Council/ Historic England 'Inn of the Edge' Project.


The Economic Viability Of Historic Pubs - Planning Guidance

 This Planning Guidance note forms part of the output of two studies commissioned by Historic England in 2021– Inns on the Edge which focused on the Lincolnshire Coast, and Inn Sites which focused on the rural parts of Shropshire


Hospitality On The Edge - The Economic Viability of Historic Pubs Report

Over the past 12 months, Historic England has supported two projects - Inns on the Edge in Lincolnshire, and Inn Sites in Shropshire - that centre
around exploring the significance of historic pubs as heritage assets, in terms of their fabric, their social history and their role at the heart of
their communities.