Business Planning

Business Plans & Their role

Discover the importance of having a business plan and what you need to include in it. Create your own business plan to help you attract investment and guide your business.

Customer Journey

Today, customer experience is key. Find out how to map out your own customer journey, explore ideas to maximise customer experience and in turn, maximise the opportunities for your business.


What is GDPR and why was it introduced? In these sessions we will explore the basic principles of GDPR and what our rights and obligations are.

Business Legal Entity

What are the options available for your business and how can these be personally beneficial? In these sessions we will look at different types of business entities, their individual benefits, and the identity of your business.


Have you ever thought of adding alcohol sales, providing entertainment or extending the area of licensable activities to your business? 

Finance & Funding

Understand the difference between lending and equity investment, and the pros and cons of each. Look deeper into the different lending products available and discover which is the right one for your business.

Marketing Overview

Marketing Intelligence

Access helpful bite-size sessions to watch when you’re ready. Learn how to capture information on your competition.

Marketing Environment

Learn how to complete your own environmental scan to help future proof your business.

Social media & Digital Marketing

Social Media

Learn how can you use social media to reach your audience, and project your brand image online. Plan for success, allowing you to take control and make it work for your business.

Digital Marketing

Understand the different types of digital marketing and why you should use it when marketing your business.

Social Platorms


Develop a profile that creates the right first impression. LinkedIn is a great way to share industry news, keep up to date with customers and create new business opportunities through building networks.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform on the planet, therefore reach for businesses is massive, making it perfect for communicating with and advertising to a broad, and specific audience. 


Learn the importance of high quality images and first impressions, and explore how to be creative on Instagram, using reels, short videos and montages on your page. 


Explore how to make Twitter work for you... learn how to ensure you don't miss important events, make the most of networking and explore how to make use of media opportunities.

Green Tourism

Why green tourism?

In this first of four short videos on understanding and implementing sustainability in your business Léa provides insight into Business Visit Lincolnshire's Green Tourism Toolkit with an introduction to what Green Tourism is and how it can benefit your business.


Discover how you can make sure the interactions your business has with staff, suppliers and customers helps to promote or improve sustainability is some way.


All businesses have an impact on the planet whether it is contributing to carbon emissions or polluting the natural environment. Find out how your business can be more energy savvy and environmentally efficient.


Businesses rely on their location and the natural and cultural aspects of that location. Explore the appeal of Lincolnshire’s varied and distinctive local landscape and why this is so attractive to guests.

Media Training

Making videos for social media

Paul Holloway shares his top tips on making successful video content for social media.

Photography tips for social media & press

In this session Paul outlines his photography tips for your website, social media, marketing materials and press releases. Find out how to adapt your images for different purposes and the benefits of creating a digital library.

How to write a good press release

In this masterclass Paul Holloway breaks down his top tips for creating general press releases.

Radio specific press releases

In this second masterclass on press releases Paul shares his top tips on the best practice for creating radio specific press releases.

Tips for using Zoom

Paul walks us through his video conferencing tips. Explore the reasons for using video conferencing and which platforms are most appropriate for your clients.