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Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA)

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Planning Advice for Developers & Operators

Planning Guidance for Local Councils & Community Groups

CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) has a wealth of resources available for those looking to diversify within the sector. Here you can find the link to the main page and a selection of this resources.

The main campaign resources page for everything CAMRA has to offer in terms of support.

Legal & Compliance

Visit Britain - The Pink Book

Stay In A Pub - Legal Matters to Take Care Of

BBPA Policy & Campaigns

Pub Accommodation Development

Profitable Beds Seminar, March 2023 – Pub Accommodation Research: Operator Results

VisitCounty Durham Pub Accommodation Toolkit

Making Room At the Inn - Pub Accommodation Development Guide

How to Create a Business Plan for Your Pub With Accommodation

Pub Accommodation – Room for Improvement

Hints and Tips for Expanding Your Pub’s Accommodation Offer

Stay In A Pub Best Practice Guidelines

VisitEngland Guidelines for Pub Accommodation

VisitEngland Assessment Scheme – Self-Catering Standards

VisitEngland Assessment Scheme – Guest Accommodation Standards

VisitEngland Assessment Scheme – Glamping Standards

VisitEngland Assessment Scheme – Chalet Standards

VisitEngland Assessment Scheme – Welcome Standards (Walking/cycling/families/pets/accessible)

Pub Viability & Diversification

Growing Your Pub’s Local Services

Case Studies

Ways to Diversify

Rural Pubs and Co-Working

Pubs Offering New Facilities & Services

Stay In A Pub Best Practice Guidelines

Being More Than A Pub

Diversification – the future of pubs

Pub Accommodation Marketing

Digital Marketing for Pubs

From Build to Bookings

Getting Great Guest Reviews

Creative Ways Pubs Can Use Social Media

Secrets to Success – 7 Top Tips to Beat Your Competition

Going Global

How To Fill Rooms at Your Small Pub/Hotel

How to Stop Guests Leaving Bad Reviews

Funding For Pubs

Pub Is the Hub Community Services Fund

Rural Pubs Rescued with Levelling Up Funds

Levelling Up Funds Aiding Recovery of Rural Pubs

Community Ownership Fund

Pub Industry Reports

The Power of Pubs (Localis/BBPA, 2021)

The Public House in England (Historic England)

The Social Value of Pubs

More Than A Pub

The Local Impact of the UK Beer & Pub Sector BBPA/Oxford Economics)

UK Pubs & Bars Market Report (Lumina)

Friends on Tap

Community Pubs

Community Pubs – A Better Form of Business (Plunkett Foundation, 2022):

Urban Community Pubs Research

Community Pub Case Studies

Community Ownership

Community Owned Pubs – A CAMRA Guide

Community Pub Benchmarking Guide

Community Pub Business Plan Template

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