Anyone can go on a trip and “do” a lot, but increasingly people want more – they want to experience.

Immersive, experiential tourism unlocks just that. A form of tourism that emotionally connects visitors with the essence of a place; its community, culture, heritage, and people, giving them memorable travel adventures. Experiences might be fun, active, hands-on, knowledgeable – but they are all essentially delivered as an easy to book, inclusive package.

It simply combines place, people and particpation to create exciting new bookable product for your visitors.

SK Alpacas
Grimsby Fishing Heritage Museum
Boston Belle
“A tourism product is what you buy: a tourism experience is what you remember.”

Experiences are designed to be inherently personal, engage with all the senses and make genuine connections on an emotional level, putting a real smile on your visitors’ faces.

During an experience, your visitors will create lasting memories and have the opportunity to engage with local stories, culture and to connect with the essence of Lincolnshire and its people.

In the Experience Maker Toolkit, you will learn about the components of a Lincolnshire Visitor Experience, how to deliver your experience from start to finish, and how to take your experience to market. Included is a series of example fictional Lincolnshire experiences to give you inspiration to get started, and practical checklists and guides and links to additional Business Visit Lincolnshire resources to help you make your experience a reality.

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Experience maker toolkit

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Experience Maker Toolkit

Simply put, experiences are not individual workshops, courses, walks or simply visiting a place, as a solo activity.

Experiences may contain many of these elements combined, but it is how they are linked and delivered that makes it experiential.

Download the Experience Maker Toolkit to learn more about how you can turn your tour, activity or existing attraction into a signature Lincolnshire experience.

Experiential Tourism

Experiential tourism, also known as immersion travel, provides a brand new layer of opportunities well beyond the traditional tourism landscape of products. It focuses on experiencing a country, city or particular place by actively and meaningfully engaging with its history, people, culture, food and environment.


An immersive experience describes the perception of being surrounded by – and being a part of – a different environment than our normal day to day.

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In this first of three customer journey masterclass videos, Marianne talks about how you can attract more of your best customers to your business. By the end of this video, you will have a clear understanding of the customers you are trying to attract so that you can ensure you deliver more of what they love and fix the things they hate. You will also learn strategies for attracting new ‘best customers’ and get them to consider you over the competition.

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Book a one-to-one experience maker meeting with our Business Lincolnshire Tourism Specialist to help you get started.

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