Tourism copy can be full of clichés – the undiscovered this, the off the beaten track the other. They give no sense of what this county is all about. We think it's the stories that bring Lincolnshire to life – giving it personality and individuality. It may be quiet and rural, but in former times this was a wealthy county with plenty of medieval wheeling and dealing going on. In more recent times Lincolnshire played key roles in both World Wars building aircraft, the first tanks and home to many airfields. 

You may know your Lincolnshire very well, but in case you don't, here are a whole series of stories; some are a bit quirky, others little known, but all hopefully adding to your knowledge of the county. We are only dipping our toes into the many stories of this fascinating county so we will be adding more. Feel free (they’re copyright free), to use these stories as you wish.



A birdwatcher's haven in Lincolnshire

There are many excellent Birdwatching sites in Lincolnshire, representing another wonderful tourism opportunity for the county. Working with Lincolnshire Bird Club, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust and the RSPB, we are developing a series of Bird Trails across the county.


From the traditional resorts at Skegness to Lincolnshire's Natural Coast, a visit is heartily recommended.


Lincolnshire has welcomed kings, buried queens and withstood armed attack. Uncover the rich heritage and history of the county.


Discover the wartime pursuits and historically significant events of 'Bomber County'.