Searching for sites and premises can be  time consuming and daunting, and when you run your own businesses you want to ensure you are looking in the right place to make everything a little easier.

Lincolnshire County Council working in partnership with Business Lincolnshire are able to provide knowledge and experience to help make this process as simple as possible – saving you time, money and hopefully stress.

The process; contacts; rationales; things to look out for:

The process of leasing premises from the County Council is easy and the conditions are extremely favourable. Whilst all leases are 5/6 years in length – giving you security for your business, there are flexible in and out terms enabling you to leave after giving between just one- and three-months’ notice (depending on individual terms). You never need to worry therefore about being tied into the full length of the contract. We are also able to link you up with sector specific Business Lincolnshire Business Advisors who are available to support you and help you grow your business.

Search for Land/Premises using the Business Lincolnshire 'Property Search' or connect with the Team via

The Centre Manager or Site Manager will get in touch to discuss your requirements / prices / availability and other relevant information.

Arrange to visit site (if required) and if you wish to proceed, then you will be required to fill out the 'Application Form'

Once application is submitted, along with a business case and audited accounts (if applicable) the Centre Manager will then send off for references, including a bank reference which requires a wet signature. Please hand sign all applications before returning!

Upon receipt of satisfactory references the Site Manager will instruct Legal to draw up the lease – we suggest you appoint a solicitor, although this is not essential. This process can take up to 6 weeks.

Once the lease is complete, you then get the keys to your  new office or Unit – or even some land to develop!

All leases are on a 5/6 year term, however there is no obligation to be tied in for 6 years – due to the easy in and out terms – for example if you take on a unit and find after a year it is no longer working for you, you need only discuss this with the Centre Manager to see if an alternative Unit is available at a lower cost or you can hand in a one month notice to vacate.

There are strong links with Team Lincolnshire – many of whom are in the property sector – and so this also allows your search to be streamlined with enquiries being shared between the public and private sector, reducing the hours searching around your local towns or online for the right contact. For more information, or to contact Team Lincolnshire click here Team Lincolnshire | Greater Lincolnshire LEP