The prolific rise in the use of digital marketing is attributable to the number of households that now regularly use the internet to source information, make decisions and purchase goods and services.

Whilst traditional off-line marketing methods such as TV, Radio, Billboard, Leaflet, SMS are still relevant, there are many generations that now rarely engage with these media and so digital marketing will continue to grow. After all the first rule in marketing is to be where the customer is.

Bitesize masterclasses

Quick overview

Find out what the big deal is around digital marketing and how you can use it to entice more visitors or guests to your business or attraction. What are the options available that you could use to effectively promote your business to your customers?... And what elements you should consider when creating your digital marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Masterclasses

In this first of three masterclass videos on digital marketing, Deborah explains what digital marketing is. By the end of this video you will understand the different types of digital marketing and why you should use it when marketing your business.

Marketing Strategy

Demystifying marketing

You will likely need to integrate more than one of the above techniques in your marketing strategy and so it's worth understanding what each is and where and how it is best used. Then jump across to the Marketing section of the website and check out our ‘Demystifying Marketing - Fact Sheet’ where we simplify  the process of creating a marketing strategy.

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Learn how digital marketing can help even the smallest tourism business reach a global audience with our toolkit of resources.