The application process can be daunting and you may have to move fast. Getting yourself into a state of readiness is always helpful and you may find that following some of our master-classes on setting up your business and business planning will put you in the right place (see our checklist below). 

Careful planning is the first step in finding the funding to start or grow your business. Business Lincolnshire has all the tools and information you need to find the most suitable finance option. 

Grants, loans and equity finance information can all be found on our Grant and Support Finder, while local training and events are published regularly on our events calendar. You can also take a look at our blogs and case studies for additional guidance when making your decision, or download our handy finance guide from our Toolbox.

For further support we strongly advise you to Speak to a Growth Hub adviser. The Growth Hub team are available free of charge to advise and support businesses on a wealth of topics including grants and funding. 

Here is a checklist of practical tasks you can complete so you are always ready to apply:

  • Set out a clear and exciting vision for your business

  • Create a business plan around this vision and identify how you will achieve it. 

  • Knowing your customer is essential; do your market research. 

  • This research will identify costs, potential suppliers etc. This will enable you to present information on how much it will cost, what the need is, and how it will help your business.

  • Every grant provider will want to see how their money will make a difference. So this could include how it will help your business grow; save jobs, creates new ones or nurtures staff development; add value to the local area; encourages sustainability or digitalisation.

  • Get your financial paperwork in order. A good filing system will save you hours. 

  • Get a second opinion. Ask an eagle eyed friend to check each response for the application. Ensuring you have ticked all the boxes required.