Lincolnshire is a region that is going through an unprecedented era of growth and increasingly not a seasonal destination. There is still much potential and its fully rounded economy generates visitors for commerce, leisure, conventions and events year round.

Pre pandemic the visitor economy was thriving. In 2019, it contributed £2.494bn to the local economy in Greater Lincolnshire and £142m in Rutland. The region has also seen much investment in its tourism product and this is on-going.

The £22m investment in Lincoln Castle produced a multi-award winning attraction that in year six after its reopening is still showing strong growth and consolidation. More recent openings have included the International Bomber Command Centre (£16m) and the North Sea Observatory (£2m) and 2021 has seen the completion of the £16m investment in Lincoln Cathedral’s visitor facilities. Lincolnshire has some fantastic visitor attractions, but there is undoubtedly scope for more.

In 2017 the Greater Lincolnshire LEP commissioned a hotel feasibility study which concluded that there is a real demand for more hotels – and this need is set to continue as both investment and population continues to grow.  More recently product development has been the focus; particularly to capture the new trends in walking, cycling and well-being. The coastal path is nearing completion and there is  work underway through Cycle Lincolnshire to make this a very cycle friendly area. Further product development is ongoing on heritage, Generation Alpha and business tourism.

In addition, the generous funding secured through the government’s  Town Deal Funds has  unlocked considerable investment opportunity;   Boston (£21.9m), Lincoln (£19m), Mablethorpe (£23.9m), Scunthorpe (£20.9m), Skegness (£24.5m) and Grimsby (£20.9m). These towns will see some impressive new projects, many of them tourism related.

This really is a good time for leisure and tourism investors to choose this region. Team Lincolnshire can help to support your development and investment aspirations. Support is free and covers an array of topics from finding sites and premises, funding, recruitment and skills advice: please contact

Greater Lincolnshire is flourishing! Pre-pandemic the region was fast becoming the rising star of the Midlands, with more businesses looking favourably at Lincolnshire as an attractive place to relocate, invest or grow their existing business.

This interest in the region has also had a profound effect on our visitor economy.  As well as benefiting from the unprecedented growth in domestic tourism, it is also fuelling demand for more leisure and hospitality products to serve the ever growing influx of people who are looking at relocating to the region. 

Here at Lincolnshire County Council via our Team Lincolnshire Ambassador programme we are actively looking to attract new investment within this sector. What’s more we offer a comprehensive soft landings package for any investor or developer.

Whether you are an existing business looking for support, a new business looking to relocate, an investor or a developer – Team Lincolnshire can help. We offer a comprehensive free support package for all investment, with account managers ‘on the ground’ to hand hold you every step of the way. An army of supportive, influential, and dynamic people that can provide invaluable practical support and advice to help you build your business here

Looking to invest in Greater Lincolnshire? Let us make the transition seamless…

The rise of Greater Lincolnshire as the intelligent choice for those looking to invest is not by chance. Behind this growth sits Team Lincolnshire – an autonomous organisation whose purpose is to champion this diverse and flourishing part of the UK. We are an independent partnership of ambitious, forward-thinking private and public sector organisations, united by the common goal of creating a stronger local economy. 

Through strong leadership and governance, clear strategic objectives and a shared, common purpose, Team Lincolnshire can support businesses and investors of all sizes to:

  • Break down barriers
  • Foster collaboration
  • Create a more fertile environment for businesses to grow. 

It’s all about working together to encourage investment, strengthen our economy and champion Greater Lincolnshire on the regional, national and international stage.

There is a package of free support available to businesses and investors whether they are already here or are new to the region.

For Businesses and Investors Looking to Invest in Greater Lincolnshire:

We understand that finding the right area to invest in is a pivotal decision, with many factors to consider including location, infrastructure, quality of life, levels of support and access to a skilled, well-educated workforce.

Team Lincolnshire, brings together key stakeholders to help businesses discover our region and provide everything that is needed to make an informed decision about investing here. We provide a refreshingly clear and effective way to get to know Greater Lincolnshire, and all the benefits our region offers.

We guide businesses through every step by ensuring requirements are addressed and fast tracked where possible to help accelerate your re-location or growth. From helping find your preferred site to funding and recruitment advice and guidance, we can offer practical help on a diverse range of subjects to help you land in our region as smoothly as possible.

Practical resources include:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Comprehensive business toolkit
  • Step-by-step guide to all you need to know to set up in business
  • Sites and premises finder
  • Marketing materials
  • Introductions to a host of intermediaries
  • Signposting to funding opportunities
  • Support with recruitment
  • Access to our specialised officers (planning, waste, highways, skills)

We have an array of sites and properties suitable for investment/development. We are especially keen to develop the following areas:

  • Visitor Accommodation
  • Green Tourism Products
  • Visitor Attractions 
  • Cycling
  • Walking 
  • Leisure facilities

Please get in touch at – the team are happy to support your investment journey.

New Premises

When approaching local agents, don’t forget that some residential agents also have commercial properties on their books from time to time, so don’t just check in with commercial property agents. Also try the Economic Development department within your district council as they may well have a portfolio of rentable properties, they can share with you.

Expanding or altering your existing premises

Before you make remedial changes to your existing premises, it’s important to check the permissions that were granted when the building was constructed. You might need additional planning permission to expand or alter your premises or even to use your premises for different activities. Your local planning department will be able to help you.

Before you use your new/altered/extended premises

Before you use your new/altered/extended premises

It’s a legal requirement for you to conduct a fire risk assessment and a health and safety assessment: –

  • before you start operating in any premises
  • where there are changes of use in any area of the building
  • if there is an expected significant increase in people on site at any one time
  • there are any management changes
Business Rates

Don’t forget to notify your local authority of any changes to a premises or of any new premises you either buy or lease. 

Business rates are charged on most non-domestic properties including holiday rental homes and guest houses.

Some buildings are exempt from business rates. These include both agriculture and fish farms, buildings used for training or welfare of disabled people, church halls and buildings registered for public religious use.

Some buildings are eligible for business rate relief (discounts). This could be because the rateable value is below £15,000; or your business is in a rural area with less than 3,000 people and only a small village shop, pub or petrol station; or your business is a charity or a social enterprise; or you are in an enterprise zone. And for many businesses within the visitor economy sector, the retail discount may also apply.

Your local council will be able to inform you of the business rates that are payable and whether you might be eligible for any reductions, reliefs or exemptions.

Local Authority Contacts

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