With more and more people moving away from channels where they feel they are being sold to, businesses have identified that they need to be more subtle when showcasing their brand.

Native marketing is an approach that brings relevant publishers and brands together so that a brand (business) generates valuable content which is written in context with a publication’s editorial. In return, the brand (business) is credited for the content and is seen as being a trusted and credible partner to the publication.

This can be a cost-effective way for a business to raise it’s profile and, where a partnership can be developed with a special interest publication, there is likely to be high return on the investment because the brand (business) is speaking directly to it’s ideal customer.

This method is applicable both digitally and using traditional media. For example, is your local paper looking to fill a slot with some different content that you are qualified to supply? Perhaps you have made impressive headway reducing the carbon footprint in your hotel and you are able to create a series of sustainability articles that guide people to becoming more sustainable. Or perhaps you are a chef and can produce seasonal recipes for the paper’s readership. Or you run craft workshops and can create some great home-made guides in the run up to Christmas.

The key here is to reach out to relevant people and share your ideas. Give them a flavour of the content you’re able to help with and show why their readers and followers will love it.