For more detailed information on each of the following steps, check out the fact sheets and masterclasses on this site. Or for more personal help and guidance, please reach out to the team at Business Lincolnshire.

1. Identify your target audience

It’s impossible to be everything to everybody and to be in all places at once. When you know your ideal customer inside out it will become obvious what content you need to produce; when they like to consume it; where they go to get it and what it will take to get them to buy from you.

2. Determine your objectives

Your customers will move through different stages of the buying process. You will need to develop content that will answer their questions at every stage of the process whether this is: –

  • Becoming aware that you exist 
  • Understanding how you can best help them
  • Getting to know and like you
  • Understanding what sets you apart from your competition
  • Trusting you sufficiently that they will buy
  • Wanting to come back for more and recommending you to others
3. Design the communication

For each piece of content:-

  • What do you need to say (for example what’s included and the benefit to the customer of buying from you)
  • How you need to say it (text, video, short form or long form)
  • Who should say it (should it be you the business owner, a delighted guest, a known influencer?)
4. Select the channels to use
  • A personal approach on social media platforms or through blogs or vlogs
  • A more formal approach using traditional media, PR, events, sales promotion techniques
5. Establish your budget
  • Will you allocate a set amount per month?
  • Will you allocate a percentage of your turnover?
  • Is there an industry norm you will follow?
  • Set a price based on the return on achieving the objectives?
6. Decide on the mix of media
  • Where your customers visit
  • Type of content your customers appreciate
7. Measure results
  • Measure each stage of your campaign to see if you got the results you were looking for
  • Adapt your approach accordingly